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Dogecoin Faucets List Best, high-paying Dogecoin faucets, Updated 1st April

We keep every list as short as possible, we add only the most useful faucets. They are categorized by highest reward. Claiming continiously from 10-20 faucets gives more satoshi then claiming from hundreds of faucets.

FaucetHub Faucets:

Faucet Name Average Reward Timer Captcha Link
Cryptopredator FAUCET 20000000 Dogetoshi 3 min Solvemedia
Vivocoin Doge FAUCET 3000000-30000000 Dogetoshi 5 min Solvemedia
8raa Doge FAUCET 3000000-30000000 Dogetoshi 5 min Solvemedia
Multicoin Doge FAUCET 24570000 Dogetoshi 5 min Solvemedia
Coinrotation Doge FAUCET Upto 3.00000000 Dogetoshi 5 min Solvemedia
Bitmain Doge FAUCET 28000000 Dogetoshi 15 min Solvemedia
Queen Doge FAUCET 25000000 Dogetoshi 5 min Solvemedia
AkDogeFAUCET 20000000 Dogetoshi 4 min Solvemedia
Randomsatoshi Doge FAUCET Upto 25000000 Dogetoshi 4 min Solvemedia
Highwaytocoin Doge FAUCET 10000000-25000000 Dogetoshi 10 min Recaptcha
Faucethub Doge FAUCET 17000000 Dogetoshi 5 min Solvemedia
Proinfinity Doge FAUCET 20000000-35000000 Dogetoshi 5 min Solvemedia
Dogezone FAUCET 14000000 Dogetoshi 4 min Slide
Dogezone2 FAUCET 14000000 Dogetoshi 4 min Slide
RefhunterLemon Doge 18000000 Dogetoshi 60 min Solvemedia
Forumcoin Doge FAUCET 300000 Dogetoshi 1 min Slide