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Bitcoin Faucets List Best, high-paying bitcoin faucets, Updated 1st April

We keep every list as short as possible, we add only the most useful faucets. They are categorized by highest reward. Claiming continiously from 10-20 faucets gives more satoshi then claiming from hundreds of faucets.

FaucetHub Faucets:

Faucet Name Average Reward Timer Captcha Link
Bitcoin s Faucet 15 Satoshi 5 min Solvemedia
AalyaFaucet 14 Satoshi 5 min Solvemedia
btc Faucethero 11 Satoshi 5 min Solvemedia
RandomSatoshi Faucet Upto 16 Satoshi 4 min Solvemedia
Vivo btcFaucet 5 - 15 Satoshi 5 min Solvemedia
Melovin Faucet 22 - 165 Satoshi 30 min Solvemedia
Top btc Faucet 20 Satoshi 20 min Solvemedia
Zandey btc Faucet 5 - 10 Satoshi 5 min Solvemedia
8raa btc Faucet 5 - 10 Satoshi 5 min Solvemedia